Black Jewel Seafood


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Aside from being the source of some lovely caviar roes, the Sturgeon fish also offers a magnificent meat that is sure to turn your fish meal into a delight.

Overfishing and the destruction of its habitat might have affected its growth and population, but thanks to the sustainable farms that conserve and raise this species, we are able to provide you with additive-free and antibiotic-free Sturgeon that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Sturgeon has a lean, firm meat, which is similar to that of chicken breast or veal. It is pink in color when raw and turns white once cooked. Because of its mild delicate flavor, it does well when prepared with spices and flavorings. Sturgeon meat is best when slow-cooked, but can also be steamed, baked or poached, but be careful not to expose it to high heat as the meat might harden and affect its quality.

Spice it up with your choice of herbs, lime, or even some lovely sturgeon caviar and enjoy!